I.B.C. Engineering.


The IBC Engineering Division operates in the design, construction and start-up of industrial battery-production systems.
The know-how refers to all battery-production processes, starting from the raw-material processing phase and continuing through to the construction of the batteries themselves, including the activities involved in recovering and recycling used batteries.
IBC ENGINEERING supplies machinery, complete systems (including staff training) and all the services necessary to build and start up production sites for the production of batteries.
IBC ENGINEERING implements all the standards and requirements, in terms of safety, quality and defence of the environment, indicated by the supervisory organisations.

Supply of new machinery and systems.
IBC ENGINEERING works in close cooperation with the customer to develop the solutions which are most technically innovative and advantageous to the start-up or implementation of production systems in the battery sector.

Supply of reconditioned machinery and systems.
The technical datasheets of the machinery and systems available can be found in this section.

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